CEAT is the first tyre brand in the world to win the Deming Grand Prize


 CEAT, a tyre brand exclusively represented in Portugal by AB Tyres, was recently honored with the prestigious Deming Grand Prize, becoming the first tyre brand in the world to receive this award for excellence and recognized notoriety in Total Quality Management.

Created in 1969 by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), the Deming Grand Prize stands as one of the oldest and most recognized Quality Assessment awards in the world, with a stringent and demanding application process, open only to organizations that have already won the Deming Prize.

Once the application is accepted, the selection of winners is carried out taking into account a set of indicators exclusively related to the Total Quality Management evaluation system, which proves the rigor and reputation of this renowned international award.

The Deming Grand Prize is particularly valued by all companies operating at high levels of Total Quality Management, and as a result, they stand out from their competition due to their strong customer focus, systematic work approach, and excellent people management skills.

From now on, CEAT becomes a part of the exclusive group of 33 companies worldwide that have received this distinguished accolade.

Click here to find out more about the CEAT tire range, especially in the agricultural tire segment, one of AB Tyres' key offerings for the national market, which was recently officially presented at the last IX edition of Agroglobal, one of the largest agricultural fairs in Europe.

CEAT is the first tyre brand in the world to win the Deming Grand Prize