Petroibérica renews its IS09001:2015 Certification


Petroibérica, a company specialized in the distribution and marketing of bulk petroleum products, has recently obtained the recertification of its Quality Management System according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This recertification reaffirms Petroibérica's commitment to continuously improve its performance, based on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and management, with the goal of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


Petroibérica's purpose in delivering excellent and highly professional service motivated the company to systematize its practices through its Quality Management System.


Since 2004, when it first implemented the ISO 9001 certification from BUREAU VERITAS, that Petroibérica has maintained a Quality Management System applied throughout its value chain. This recognizes the internal and external benefits of applying various methodologies of the Standard, providing a strong degree of differentiation and a true competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.


With over 30 years of activity, Petroibérica primarily focuses on bulk sales and distribution of fuels, asphalt bitumen, bituminous emulsions, fuel oil, and more recently, AdBlue.


The acquired quality certification has proven to be an indispensable tool to consistently meet customer demands, as well as comply with current regulatory and legal requirements.


In essence, we can affirm that quality certification, combined with a policy of proximity and trust, has been crucial in retaining and gaining new customers and markets that just like Petroibérica value the quality of the products and services provided while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental and safety concerns.


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